Romania! The Documentary – Episode 5

Well, at long last Episode 5 is now available for your viewing pleasure :) For those of you who aren’t mathematically challenged, you might wonder what happened to Episode 4 and you’d be right :P The truth is that a few technical issues were driving me nuts with clipping so many interviews (plus adding subtitles) that I just wrapped up Episode 5 and will finish … Continue reading Romania! The Documentary – Episode 5

Romania! The Documentary FAQ

Normally a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions post refers to things that people ask me. In this case, the following are all questions that I have recently been asking other people (along with their responses). Abbreviations: Me = Sam Cel Roman, King of all the Romanias, Stejar of Scornicesti and Defender of Animals, Children, Hungarians and the Elderly Friend = Someone I see or speak … Continue reading Romania! The Documentary FAQ

Episode 1 – The Beginning

Yep folks, look what’s ready for public consumption: Whew! If you only knew how long that took, especially on my ancient G5 computer, you’d almost want to hang your head down and cry :P Nonetheless, I finally got the ball rolling and episode 1 is “in the can”. My goal is to get a new episode out to you every week which I’ll post both … Continue reading Episode 1 – The Beginning