Episode 1 – The Beginning

Yep folks, look what’s ready for public consumption:

Whew! If you only knew how long that took, especially on my ancient G5 computer, you’d almost want to hang your head down and cry :P Nonetheless, I finally got the ball rolling and episode 1 is “in the can”.

My goal is to get a new episode out to you every week which I’ll post both here on the blog as well as on my Facebook page (see right sidebar). For now they’re just going to be on YouTube but I have some plans in the works for other venues, including “bonus” footage and some other things.

The first episode mostly concerns me, but hey, some people are coming into this without knowing anything whatsoever about who I am or what I’m trying to do here. Future episodes will feature many of the wonderful people I’ve met here and had a chance to talk to on film. Please note that both this and future episodes will be entirely in English although I may work up subtitles for Romanian if and when I get the time.

Thanks to all of the people who have contributed, big or small, to making this a dream come true :)