Episode 2: Outside Looking In

Well yes, it’s finally here :D Episode 2, featuring a number of foreign visitors to Romania that I spoke to and a few of the things they had to say about this country.

Regrettably, due to YouTube restrictions on file size, this episode (and future episodes) are in slightly lower quality. The original video is in much better quality but alas, there is just no way for me to share that with any of you at this time.

In the future, when all of the episodes are completed, I will be packaging them as a DVD and until that time, I’m afraid you’ll just have to tolerate the YouTube version :)

Much thanks to all of the wonderful people who appear in Episode 2. For those of you who were interviewed (and are foreign) and wonder why you didn’t make this episode, please be patient! There’s a lot more “show” to come.

Stay tuned for Episode 3 next week, wherein we get to hear from Romanians and what they have to say about their country and fellow citizens.