Romania! The Documentary FAQ

Normally a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions post refers to things that people ask me. In this case, the following are all questions that I have recently been asking other people (along with their responses).


Me = Sam Cel Roman, King of all the Romanias, Stejar of Scornicesti and Defender of Animals, Children, Hungarians and the Elderly

Friend = Someone I see or speak to on a regular basis in “real life”, with whom I’ve drunk many fine cocktails, danced the lambada with and spent many long hours discussing the intimate details of our lives and pledging undying friendship for all of eternity

R!TD – My future Academy award-winning documentary about a country supposedly somewhere in Europe

Me: Hey, remember that film I was talking about for months? First two episodes are online. Did you see it?
Friend: Oh yeah, I remember you talking about it. No, I haven’t had time to see it yet.
Me: Yeah I understand.
Friend: Hey, that reminds me. Did you get that funny cat video I sent you?

Me: So what’d you think of R!TD?
Friend: Eh, my hair didn’t look so good.

Me: Hey, did you see the first two episodes?
Friend: Not yet. I haven’t had time.
Me: No time, eh? Well so it goes. By the way, why did you send me a Farmville request on Facebook? You know I don’t play those games.
Friend: Oh you should, it’s awesome!

Me: So what’d you think of R!TD?
Friend: Oh, is it online? I didn’t know. Is it on your blog or Facebook or what?
Me: It’s on the blog, it’s on Facebook, it’s on Twitter, it’s on everything.
Friend: Oh, I guess I didn’t see it. Send me a link.

Me: So what’s your opinion of the film?
Friend: Oh I liked it. It was funny. I especially liked the guy in the red hat.
Me: Uh, there’s no guy in a red hat.

Me: Hey, did you see R!TD yet?
Friend: Oh yeah, yeah. I saw half of the first episode.
Me: Half of the first episode? The whole thing is only five minutes long!
Friend: Well hey, I’ve been busy.

And so it goes….. :P

For those of you who do have time and are online more than 2 minutes a day, I hope to have episode 3 posted some time later today or tomorrow at the latest. Fingers crossed! :)