Episode 3 – Romanians on Romanians

Wow! Talk about a surreal moment. Last night I was out at a bar and I see none other than Paul and Daniel, both of whom appear in episode 3 below. I met those two guys back in August on the mean streets of Unicorn City and literally hadn’t seen them again until last night.

Probably the coolest thing (which regrettably, I did not film) was loading up Episode 3 on their phone and actually watching them watch themselves. Very meta :)

I actually love this episode because (as you can see) I went out on the streets of Romania and made Romanians say something good about their own people. That’s not a dialogue that happens very often here so it was really fun to do that.

BTW some people are under the mistaken impression that there won’t be any future episodes or that you’ll only see each person in one tiny clip. Others whom I interviewed whom you haven’t seen yet have asked me why they haven’t been “used” yet.

Folks! Patience. I swear there’s a lot more material and lots of fun things to come, including a cooking lesson on how to make a traditional Romanian dish and other fun surprises. I’ve got about 250 gb (so far!) of footage on my hard drive so there is a lot more material for upcoming episodes, which will be released weekly.

Again, my apologies on the rather low quality of the YouTube clips. I am using a piece of software called Final Cut Pro to do the rendering and the editing. I then have to export the episodes to a portable video format, transcode that one more time (for a long and boring technical reason) and then upload it to YouTube, which then re-transcodes it to their format.

In other words, there are three steps between the episode I make and the final version all of you see. To use the vernacular, the video gets “stepped on” three times, hence the lower than desirable quality. Also, I’ve noticed that some of the audio isn’t getting mixed right as well. My apologies for that.

When all the episodes are released onto YouTube, I will go back into the original versions, polish up a few loose ends and then cut all of this onto a proper DVD so you can just play it on your TV or computer and see it in the highest quality possible.

But hey, YouTube is free for everyone to watch, eh? :P Enjoy!

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