Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos

This morning, I woke up to see a very interesting Tweet come across my feed: 何でキリル文字???ソヴィエト時代に戻ったみたい!裏見たらTiraspolПриднестровьеPridnestrovieつまり沿ドニエストル共和国と日本語で紹介されてる、ロシアしか認めてない未承認国家の名前が!(≧∇≦) — 小林貴虎:三重県議会議員(自民党三重県連青年局長) (@eternalhigh) July 9, 2018 As you can see, it’s from someone in Japan, in this case, a man named Takatra Kobayashi who is a city councilor in a city named Tsu in Mie Prefecture. Somehow, he found a bottle of wine from Moldova and decided to … Continue reading Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos

Traditional Romanian Dishes Bucket List

Romanian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and heavily influenced by the peoples that the area has come into contact with. Major influences have come by way of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Greeks. For example, the Turks brought meatballs and meat filled cabbage rolls (“sarmale”) with them; whereas the Greeks came with the moussaka (“musaca”). Also, what you may not already know is that cuisines … Continue reading Traditional Romanian Dishes Bucket List

Wine Days in Moldova

Wine Daze

Recently, a person whom I’ve known for many years asked me about why I haven’t included more entries in the “My Personal Life” category. What can I say? Sometimes, I honestly forget that anything I do might be of interest to anyone else. But since you asked, you shall receive! The Republic of Moldova is officially The Poorest Country in Europe™, but there is one … Continue reading Wine Daze

Brânză vs. Cașcaval

One of the great difficulties in learning any foreign language is when there are two words in the new language for something, but you only have one word in your own. Nearly 20 years ago now (my goodness, how the time has flown!), I remember asking the woman who taught me so much about Romanian cooking what the difference was between brânză (bruhnzuh) and cașcaval … Continue reading Brânză vs. Cașcaval