Episode 6 – The House of Children

Yes! Finally episode 6 is now online for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve read my book (Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania) you know what it says on the back cover. It mentions orphans specifically because it’s often the only thing many people in other countries know about Romania. If you do a search for “orphans + Romania” in a variety of languages, you will see … Continue reading Episode 6 – The House of Children

Gandul Article

Last night while I was hanging out with my rowdies, I got a call with the good news – my Gandul article is finally published. Yeehaw! It’s in Romanian but here is the awful Google translated version. Perhaps soon I’ll translate it “for reals” but for now you have to get by with Senor Google. You can tell it’s been a while by the fact … Continue reading Gandul Article