My personal Facebook page is here.

If you want to add me as a friend on FB, feel free to do so! I always auto-accept anyone with a Romanian name, so if you love Romania but your family name doesn’t end in -escu or -eanu, just send me a quick comment with the friend add request so I know you’re not a spam bot.

If you want to “like” this website’s Facebook page, click here.

Note: I log onto Facebook about once a week (or even more rarely), so if you want any kind of timely response, please use email!


The easiest way to reach me is via email at

I respond to all emails within about 24 hours (maybe more on the weekend), so if you really want to reach me, EMAIL IS BEST.


My Twitter ID is: lifeinromania

I love Twitter, and I probably always will. I’m happy to have followers on Twitter, but please keep in mind that I rarely respond to RTs, DMs, and messages. It isn’t about you – I’d just get nothing else done in a day if I turned on notifications.

If you’re interested in my latest thoughts or “hot takes” on the news, however, you can either follow me on Twitter, read the feed at the bottom of each page (here on the blog), or use the link to read my stuff directly on the web.


Yes, I have a Tumblr page, but I barely know how to access it or respond to messages. If you’re trying to reach me on Tumblr, be prepared to wait a year or two!


My personal Instagram account is here.

Instagram can be fun, and I’d be happy to have you “follow” me there, but please don’t expect a response to messages. My tablet is incredibly old and slow, and it makes everything very painful. I can barely get it to post photos much less respond to comments and messages and all the rest.

Google Plus

Yes, I have a Google+ page, but I don’t know how to access or use it. Sorry!

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  1. dear its not found i wanted to add you to my circles>>> any way >>i want to move to romania and i cant find a job what would you advise me to do ?


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