Dumb and Dumber

Well just when you think this lunatic charade of a modern democracy can’t get any more ridiculous, it does just that.

As you know, yesterday former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase shot himself just as he was being carted off to jail to serve a two-year jail sentence (actually due to his age it’s unlikely he would’ve been behind bars more than 8 months). According to the official story, the police officers arrived to escort him to the prison in Rahova and Nastase asked if he could be excused for a moment to go get some books. He then said, “I’m sorry you have to be present for this,” ducked in his room and them shot himself once in the neck with a .38 revolver (Smith & Wesson, an American gun).

He didn’t die and apparently he’s going to be able to talk again so that tells me he must’ve shot himself through the side of the neck and not front to back. The only photo published so far of Nastase after the gunshot is of him in an ambulance wearing a fancy scarf elegantly knotted around his throat.

I got to tell you, I spent the last hour poring through autopsy photos of suicides from .38 caliber guns (there’s a lot of them, including old Vince Foster) and not a single one was through the neck. All of them were either to the temple (side of the head) or up through the roof of the mouth. Furthermore, I’ve never heard in my LIFE of a serious neck injury being “treated” by letting the patient wear his own fancy scarf around the wound so frankly I am seriously starting to doubt if there’s an injury at all.

Whatever the case, he’s got at least a 14-day reprieve as he is now relaxing in the comfort of a hospital, his medical care being paid for by the same people he defrauded and stole from, the Romanian people.

Compounding the ludicrousness of the situation, it seems that Ioan Rus (current Defense Minister and an old pal of Nastase’s) said he knew that the former PM was feeling suicidal of late. Additionally, the gun Nastase used was apparently registered to him and gun permits being difficult to acquire (you need clearance from a psychologist) as they are in Romania, it beggars belief that nobody, from the police to the courts to any of Nastase’s friends or family ever bothered to remove the gun from his possession.

Now Nastase’s son is posting on Facebook, quoting the talented but Communist-loving sycophant Adrian Paunescu’s poem about a “sick father”. In a huge media stunt, the same son is going to read Nastase’s “suicide letter” to the entire world via press conference tomorrow at the hospital. Classy, eh?

Meanwhile every PSD member still drawing a pulse is now finding different ways to blame Basescu for Nastase’s self-inflicted gunshot wound, as though Basescu was one of the trial judges or the one that forced him to steal millions of Euros from the people of Romania, the reason the coward was going to jail in the first place. In Romania you can always play on people’s sympathies and get away with murder.

Meanwhile Victor Ponta, in between naming yet another plagiarist for a cabinet position (this time as Cultural Minister), had his minions write a rambling and illiterate letter to the journal Nature after they broke the story of what a lying thief he is:

As you are well aware, on the 18th of June, Mr. Victor Ponta, the Prime Minister of Romania was accused that an important part of hid [sic] PhD thesis was plagiarized, and the publication you are leading has taken up this charge. We would like to make it very clear that these accusations are unsubstantiated and have a very transparent political tinge, regrettably drawing your publication into a conflict.

Click on the link for the whole text of this utter idiocy, right down to accusing one of the world’s most respected academic journals, based in Britain and far older than the nation of Romania itself, of being involved in petty domestic squabbles between the Prime Minister and the President.

Meanwhile journalists all over Europe are wondering what Ponta has to do that would be shameful enough for him to resign (one asked if he literally has to be caught stealing silverware) but Ponta (in far more grammatical Romanian) is busy telling everyone who still listens to him that “nobody” amongst the leaders of the European Union is listening to these accusations of plagiarism. Yeah, right.

Welcome to the Monkey House, folks.

8 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber

  1. Romania is not the Lone Ranger. Doesn’t matter the country….they are all idiots, liars, and greedy manipulators! As Shotgun Sam would say, ” They’s just durn idget galoots!”


  2. I’ve been looking all over the internet (well, for 15 minutes ) for a photo of a point blank shot wound with a 9 mm handgun. It was a point blank shot, right?. No luck ,I guess that this would not be something to post on the WWW. I would imagine to see the person full of blood on the face and shoulder. I would expect also to see some burning marks, because, of course, the nozzle would be quite hot.

    if you have friends back in the states that are more familiar with guns and how to handle them (in the military), maybe they could explain to us what would we be seeing in this situation. How would the victim feel. how big the damage would have been, even though no major blood vessel was damaged. how would the blood splatter look like.

    Time for me to replay some Dexter episodes, while waiting for the next season ;)


    1. oh, darn! I have posted this to the wrong post :-)))) please delete it, I am updating the other entry :)


  3. I thought he would end up being eaten alive by the other officials if he dares to go to Bruxelles. Well, that is beyond any doubt now. Nature stated clearly the sender was the Romanian Government. Until now I was unsure if his first rants when he came back from Austria would ever leave the country: “Who the f**k is Nature? What’s their problem with my doctoral thesis?” Great news, he just decided to send that rant as an official response towards Nature.

    When Merkel will see him : “Loook at me, I defied the Romanian Constitution to come here and show you I have more powwaaaaa than Basescu.Loook at me, I defied Nature and gave them the response that it is not their business to signal my fraud!” he’s gonna be dead meat.


  4. I’d like to point out a small thing, though it doesn’t change the ridiculousness of that letter written in teh brooken engrish.

    Nature isn’t far older than Romania itself, it’s merely far older than Romania in its current post WW2 form. Nature was first published in 1869, while Romania was formed in 1859. The 1866 Constitution gave the country it’s official designation of “Romania”. However, it is true that Romania was only official recognized by the great powers as an independent state after the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War in which Romania took part. This war is known in Romania as the “Independence War”.


  5. Ponta has practically no popular support now. I even heard some old ladies sitting on a bench saying that he can’t be trusted to govern a country if he’s not a fair man…., so that must mean he’s “dead” politically. :))

    Anyway he’s a big “nesimtit”, but he can’t resign because his backers need their money back.


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