Victor Hides While Victoria Gently Chides

I saw the most extraordinary drama unfold over the past few days here in Romania and I knew I would have to comment on it. It all started with the American government deciding to implement certain aspects of its foreign policy. Exactly why this happened and what prompted it is a little too much inside baseball for me to get into at the moment (Kerry … Continue reading Victor Hides While Victoria Gently Chides

Dumb and Dumber

Well just when you think this lunatic charade of a modern democracy can’t get any more ridiculous, it does just that. As you know, yesterday former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase shot himself just as he was being carted off to jail to serve a two-year jail sentence (actually due to his age it’s unlikely he would’ve been behind bars more than 8 months). According to … Continue reading Dumb and Dumber

Widespread Apathy

Today the Eye brought me this report from the “Economist Intelligence Unit” (that’s really the name), a lot of jibber jabber about the economies of the “Balkans”, of which Romania is supposedly one (Hungary isn’t though). Click on the link to read the entire thing but you’ll be glad to know that the only reason Romania isn’t suffering more is because of how backwards it … Continue reading Widespread Apathy