Rat Fight on the Titanic

I’ve been following politics in Romania since way back in the year 2000 when Traian Basescu cried on television after accepting his party’s nomination for president. Along the way, I’ve seen some truly stupid and greedy shit, so you’d think there’d be nothing left to surprise me. Well, yesterday, I discovered that there is apparently a new low in Romanian politics. If you’re just catching … Continue reading Rat Fight on the Titanic

How A Few Bankers Fucked Romania

The other day, my wife and I watched The Big Short about the collapse of the American economy in 2007-2008 (known in Romanian as the criza financiara). She was having trouble following the plot, and so she fell asleep. I’d already read the book (it’s fantastic) and so I managed to stay awake. But afterwards, it got me to thinking. I doubt very few Romanians … Continue reading How A Few Bankers Fucked Romania

Bodnariu Saga Over For Now

I first wrote about this case six months ago, wherein a Romanian family living in Norway had their children taken from them by the local equivalent of Child Protective Services. The case certainly got a LOT of attention in Romania, with 99.99% of the comments expressing rather hyperbolic sentiments along the lines of “A family’s love for their children is always perfect” and that the … Continue reading Bodnariu Saga Over For Now