Opening Up a Can of Gold Worms

When we last left the neverending saga of Rosia Montana back in July, it seemed like things had finally come to a peaceful end. The area was going through the process of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and, well, the Romanian government was going to have to cough up around 4.4 billion dollars for its stupidity. As a wise man once said, when you … Continue reading Opening Up a Can of Gold Worms

The Mother of All Fail Whales

Oh my. Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any funnier, Liviu Dragnea went and proved me wrong. Dry details in English on the latest hijinks here, but I was clutching my belly with laughter all day Tuesday as I watched Dragnea’s last attempt to save his political power flame out in a blaze of idiocy. To recap, Dragnea is the de facto head … Continue reading The Mother of All Fail Whales

The Farce Continues in Moldova

The big circus in Moldova, caused almost entirely by deeply unpopular pro-EU oligarchs, continues on. As is right, the OSCE condemned Moldova’s stupid act this week of banning Russian journalists from entering the country: OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic called on Moldovan authorities on Saturday to stop hindering work of Russian journalists in the country. For the record, I should mention … Continue reading The Farce Continues in Moldova

Media Finally Pays Attention to Moldova

At long last, the worthless AP bureau in Bucharest began paying attention to the protests that have been rocking Chisinau (the capital of the Republic of Moldova) for days: The protest came amid a standoff between President Nicolae Timofti and the pro-European governing coalition. Timofti on Thursday nominated Ion Paduraru, the general secretary of his presidential office, to be prime minister — a day after … Continue reading Media Finally Pays Attention to Moldova