Summer Words

With the temperature soaring into the upper 30s all across Romania and Moldova this week, I thought it was the perfect time to learn some summer words! The links (underlined words) go to DEX, the online Romanian dictionary where you can see all the declinations and/or gendered versions of the word. căldură (call-doo-ruh) – Heat arşiţă (are-sheetz-uh) – Scorching heat (literally “the little burner”) ars … Continue reading Summer Words

Sighisoara, the Medieval Festival and I

Yes folks, the rumors ARE true. I, the King of Romania, was in the unbelievably gorgeous town of Sighisoara (siggy-shwarah) a few weeks ago for the annual medieval festival. And it is also true that I took part in the events as a very…. hmm, unique performer. More on that in a second ;) I’ve always told visitors to this country (and even some Romanians) … Continue reading Sighisoara, the Medieval Festival and I