Mircea Geoana for President

Whew mercy, well I’ve just returned from the longest road trip of my entire life here in Romania, and that’s saying something ;) We left Unicorn City (Cluj-Napoca) on Monday evening, passed through Bucharest, shot up to Galati, spent part of the day there and then crossed through Braila and Constanta to get to the famous Vama Veche on the evening of April 30. The … Continue reading Mircea Geoana for President


Well for those of you who understand Romanian, here is a lovely little clip the folks over at Digi 24 broadcast with me as part of their “cultural” show Bonton on April 28, 2013: For those of you waiting for new posts on the blog, hang onto your hats. I’ve got a number of new projects that are underway and some will be unveiled here … Continue reading Bonton