Playing in the Fountain

First of all, hello to all the new people visiting this site! We filmed 35 interviews yesterday and met lots of wonderful and interesting people with amazing things to say about this country. So if you’re checking this site out for the first time and looking to see yourself, be patient :) Those clips are being uploaded, edited and converted. My thanks go out to Alex B. and the incomparable Oana Termure for helping me.

In the meantime, here’s a short clip we shot a couple days ago on an equally sunny, perfect summer day here in Unicorn City (Cluj). This one I actually managed to edit so it has a little visual “treat” so to speak – watch it and you’ll see someone pop on the screen :)

One of the parents near to this public fountain made me laugh when they remarked to me, “Why do we need an aquatic park here in Cluj? We have the public fountains!”. It’s funny because it’s true – I never would’ve suspected (when they were built) that these fountains, which unusually are at ground level, have turned into kind of a free daily public pool or splash park for the kids (and sometimes adults too). Instead of paying 10 lei or whatever to get into the city’s strand (the real water park, complete with pools and slides), families just bring their kids here to the main square (Unirii) in Cluj.