Garbage Fire

Lately, I’ve had my mind on my neighbor down the road, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about good old Unicorn City. Ah yes, my pet name for dear, sweet Cluj-Napoca, a charming city that is, unfortunately, a little too full of its own shit. How many times have I written about this before, for goodness’ sake? Shameless Cluj-Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania, … Continue reading Garbage Fire

The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

I’ve got plenty of meatier subjects on deck for this week, but I thought I’d start off on Monday with a good laugh. The Unsleeping Eye picked up a couple of reports that The Troll wants to take his unique brand of hate journalism to a national level. From here (my translation): Liviu Alexa, age 38, owner of a media group in Cluj… has announced … Continue reading The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

Locked in St. Michael’s Tower

It’s not every day that people are allowed to climb to the balcony of St. Michael’s Church, the architectural centerpiece of Cluj-Napoca. So when a visiting friend and I spotted people halfway up the tower, we struck while the iron was hot and took the rickety wooden stairs up. It was surprising how permissive the workers at the church were, as the floorboards in certain parts were … Continue reading Locked in St. Michael’s Tower