Fahrenheit 451

If you’ve been a fan of this site for a long time, you know that I call my former town of Cluj-Napoca Unicorn City. Here is yet more proof of why it keeps on deserving that nickname: Cluj-Napoca’s Avram Iancu International Airport is the first airport in Romania that hosts a free library. The library,…

Lazy Sunday

Plenty going on in the world today but taking a mini holiday around here so all I’ve got for the blog is a picture of my wife and two cats doing what they love to do ;) Enjoy your weekend, everyone and back to work tomorrow!

The Book of Awesome

If you live in Ireland, you probably know who Diana Bunici is. If not, she’s a young woman from Moldova who emigrated to Ireland and became a popular host of a TV show for kids called “Elev8” (Elevate). In spring of 2015, she got a job for the Irish TV channel, working from London. Now,…

Inside the Fabulous Homes of “Gypsy Queens”

What happens when a foreign photographer who speaks no Romanian travels to the country and takes high-res photos of gypsy palaces? Pure comedy, of course, as well as some really nice pictures. Click on the link for the full experience. I guess Cuvelier never asked where all that fabulous wealth came from LOL

2016 A Banner Year for Vosganian

If you’re in Paris today, you can meet Varujan Vosganian at the launch of the French translation of his novel, “The Book of Whispers”. The original Romanian version (Cartea Soaptelor) can be found here. I see that Vosganian was in Prague last week for the Czech language launch. I’ve seen Persian, Spanish, Armenian and German…