The Book of Awesome

If you live in Ireland, you probably know who Diana Bunici is. If not, she’s a young woman from Moldova who emigrated to Ireland and became a popular host of a TV show for kids called “Elev8” (Elevate). In spring of 2015, she got a job for the Irish TV channel, working from London.

Now, after talking about it for two years, she finally published her own book entitled “The Story of Awesome”. What’s it about, you ask?

Diana Bunici’s new book is all about how to follow your dreams. She tells how she and her parents pursued their passions and changed their lives.

I’m certainly happy for her, and hope her book (and career) goes well. Interesting though that she became a host of a children’s TV show because these simply do not exist in either Romania or RM. Not that I think kids should watch more television :P but any tots in Romania or RM wanting a show just for them are stuck with cartoons and not much else.

Good luck, Diana!

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