Inside the Fabulous Homes of “Gypsy Queens”

What happens when a foreign photographer who speaks no Romanian travels to the country and takes high-res photos of gypsy palaces?

Pure comedy, of course, as well as some really nice pictures. Click on the link for the full experience. I guess Cuvelier never asked where all that fabulous wealth came from LOL

One thought on “Inside the Fabulous Homes of “Gypsy Queens”

  1. My fiance, who is Romanian, already warned me of the gypsies. I was curious and shared the photographer’s post with him and asked him about it. He told me where they get their money. Which actually confirmed my suspicions from what he has told me before.

    Here, in the USA, for some reason gypsies are romanticized. After I learned the truth of them I can’t help but wonder why people like to romanticize such a people. They sound a lot like a certain group of people we have here in the states… That are also bad news.


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