2016 A Banner Year for Vosganian

If you’re in Paris today, you can meet Varujan Vosganian at the launch of the French translation of his novel, “The Book of Whispers”.

The original Romanian version (Cartea Soaptelor) can be found here. I see that Vosganian was in Prague last week for the Czech language launch. I’ve seen Persian, Spanish, Armenian and German language versions for sale, but so far, I can’t seem to find it anywhere in English (oddly enough).

From a guy who has actually read the book:

The novel itself is perhaps a little old-fashioned – it’s a generational-historical novel taking us from the Armenian Genocide through WWII and life under Romanian Communism – but its sweep and seriousness remind me of le Clézio.

Vosganian, a long-time conservative stalwart of Romanian politics, is the leader of the tiny Armenian population in the country as well as being a prominent leader of the Romanian Writers’ Union. Back in 2013, the TV channel his political allies control broadcast a movie version of the book.

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