Cat Pictures Time

Plenty of time (soon) for more substantial stuff, but I felt like sharing a few cat photos today.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

It’s hard to believe, but my beloved cat Mr. Zig is 9 years old this month. He’s not only the oldest cat in our household but also the sweetest. Although, of course, we can never tell him that because he likes to think of himself as a tough guy and vigilant defender against intruder cats…

Happy Birthday, Hera!

I’m neck-deep in investigating Romania’s Communist past, but today I’m taking a break to say happy birthday to our little cat, Hera, who turns 1 year old this week. During the heat of early August 2016, we began hearing terrible cries from a scared little kitten. Somehow, she had taken refuge in the wheel well…

Lazy Sunday

Plenty going on in the world today but taking a mini holiday around here so all I’ve got for the blog is a picture of my wife and two cats doing what they love to do ;) Enjoy your weekend, everyone and back to work tomorrow!

My Wedding Gift to All of You

As part of the preparation for my upcoming wedding, it’s not just necessary to forgive everyone who has trespassed against me, but also to share a gift with all of you! Yes, it’s time for presents. Yupi! :) After more than five years of research and hard work, I am very proud to announce the…

Him se yldesta andswarode, “Werodes Wisa, Wordhord Onleac”

WORD COUNT: 5405 Ah yes, my deepest apologies, folks, as I know I have for true been gone a great many days and forsaken some of my deepest and most loyal readers and supporters. The short truth is that I’ve just now survived a year of real challenges since I got the old boot from…

Mr. Zig is back!

Word count: 560 I am very happy to announce some unalloyed good news. Yes! Mr. Zig is back! A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how he disappeared one afternoon, seemingly never to come back. Later that same night, the temperature dropped precipitously and then we had several days of snow and bitter cold….