Racist moron Razvan Voncu

Beggar Thy Neighbor

Apologies for my lengthy absence, folks. It’s been hard fighting in front of keyboard burnout. But I was forced to rise from my blogging slumbers after reading what has to be the most racist anti-Moldovan article I’ve ever read in the Romanian press. Link is Romanian only, so you’ll just have to trust my summary translation if your Romanian language skills are a bit rusty. … Continue reading Beggar Thy Neighbor

A Sense of Humor

Whew folks, I am insanely busy this week with lots of “behind the scenes” stuff, including adding the finishing touches to the new book. I’ll definitely be writing a full post when everything is set and ready to go. As you can see from the photo, last night I participated in another edition of the Scena Deschisa, reciting a few “poems” I wrote in Romanian … Continue reading A Sense of Humor

Eating On a Budget In Romania: Part 2

Part one is here. I see today the newspaper Adevarul has a new new article for their “Living on a minimum wage salary” series. Unsurprisingly, the four boys are almost completely out of food. After literally wasting money right and left at the grocery store, they’re down to eating bread and butter, which is apparently “affecting” their studies. Ridiculous to the extreme, especially looking at … Continue reading Eating On a Budget In Romania: Part 2