Racist moron Razvan Voncu

Beggar Thy Neighbor

Apologies for my lengthy absence, folks. It’s been hard fighting in front of keyboard burnout. But I was forced to rise from my blogging slumbers after reading what has to be the most racist anti-Moldovan article I’ve ever read in the Romanian press.

Link is Romanian only, so you’ll just have to trust my summary translation if your Romanian language skills are a bit rusty.

The Adevarul (literally “Truth”) story begins by mocking RM’s response to the surprise blizzard of April 20-21, 2017. The erstwhile journalist, Razvan Voncu, then says that RM’s alleged failure to adequately dig out from the snow is proof positive that RM is not even a real country. Woah! And they say President Dodon is a fringe lunatic.

Let the lies begin:

In the middle of last week, a simple springtime snowfall proved, in just a few hours, that the Republic of Moldova is not a real country.

That “simple” snowfall started in the early morning of April 20 with a heavy mix of wet snow and freezing rain that fell copiously, non-stop for hours. And as night fell and the temperature continued to drop, it snowed continuously until late in the afternoon on April 21. The trees, which were in full leaf, caught all that snow in their branches, causing them to bend, snap, or even become fully unrooted.

Yeah. That was the “simple” snowfall this idiot is referring to.

In Romania, we too had problems. There were crashes on the highways because of the weather, and many villages were cut off, and the electricity went out in many areas.

Uh, that’s a success?

But in Moldova, when the same weather system hit, everything fell to pieces. It wasn’t just remote villages that were completely paralyzed, it was the capital as well.

Here’s a fun fact: The capital of Moldova, Chisinau (Kishinev), has more trees per square meter than any other city in Europe. More trees = more branches with leaves to catch the snow = more streets becoming “completely paralyzed”. Bucharest, Cluj, and Timisoara have their lovely green areas, parks, and even forests, but there’s a good reason why I call Chisinau the Ewok Village.

Seriously, dude, when you have a downed tree at nearly every intersection in the city, yeah, it takes a while to get un-paralyzed.

President Dodon, although he swore to protect the interests of the country’s citizens, did not even bother to ask for help from his friends in the Kremlin who have special emergency equipment and trained personnel.

Christ, the idiocy in this paragraph makes my head hurt. You cannot fly in any sort of special troops or machines to fix a billion downed trees. Chisinau dug itself out within 24 hours, and a week later, everything was about just as good as new. This city has entire battalions of hamali and Moldovans love to sweep. Combine entire divisions of guys to haul and carry stuff with a national obsession with sweeping and you get a natural disaster that got cleaned up and fixed super fast.

Furthermore, we personally never lost any of our utilities at all. The internet, heat, gas, and electricity never went out even for a minute. I know other places were not as fortunate, but everything was back online with 24 hours countrywide.

Take it from me: no city in the world could’ve responded better to the snow crisis.

Chisinau was completely snowbound, all economic and social activities were interrupted, and the poor citizens were effectively abandoned to the ravages of nature. The advice given to residents, to barricade oneself in one’s home until the snow ceased falling, was positively prehistoric. And for those poor souls who live in remote villages, may God have mercy on their souls.

Razvan Voncu, sir, not only are you a moron, but you are now endangering people’s lives with this advice. In a case where there are downed trees in the street, downed electrical lines, and branches on the sidewalk, please DO stay in your home, if possible.

It is bordering on suicidal to try to walk under thousands of breaking trees in the process of snapping and collapsing while floundering through two meters of snow on the ground just so you don’t interrupt some economical and social activities(!) for a single day out of the year.

And if you can spend those 24 hours in the total comfort, heat, internet, and electricity of your own home, then you can use that free time to flip the bird to Adevarul for writing such racist, uninformed garbage.


2 thoughts on “Beggar Thy Neighbor

  1. I love Chisinau for all the trees and parks. It’s such a beautiful city to walk around in, even aimlessly.
    Hopefully, there are still some trees left standing?


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