Wrong Way on a One-way Track

I’ll be honest. Going forward, I’m really of two minds about what to do with this little jimmy of a website that I’ve been writing for for some eleven years now.

Things were a lot simpler way back in April 2010 when I started this blog. After years of living in Romania, I had transitioned from being an “outsider” to an “insider,” and it was fun sharing some anecdotes about my adventures.

From there, I expanded a bit to some elementary lessons about the Romanian language, posted a few pictures of my cats, shared a few tips for travelers, and, in general, kept the tone of everything on here light and breezy.

But as I integrated more and more into Romanian society, I started becoming disturbed by the amount of corruption, stupidity, and ever-increasing power of the oligarchs that were (and still are) running the country.

I also saw, to my dismay, that Romania had decided to completely cede all of its foreign policy decisions to the United States (quite literally) and embrace American military occupation, which is nuts.

And so, my writing on here got a little more political in nature. Eventually, it ended up in me getting arrested and put through a (literal) show trial followed by a group of government goons kidnapping and expelling me from the country in 2014.

Still, though, I took it as an opportunity to explore “Romanian” places outside of Romania such as Cernauti (Chernivtsi) in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, and I learned quite a lot.

On the blog, I also began to go down the path of investigating the real history of Romania (and Moldova), almost entirely because I was always clashing with fascists who were increasingly dominating most political thought in Romania (and the portion of Moldova that speaks Romanian).

Okay, cool. I’ll write a few history articles about the “forgotten past” of Romania. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Except that doing so opened even more cans of worms because, as it turns out, instead of discovering a few “forgotten” tidbits of history or interesting pieces of historical trivia, it turns out that pretty much everything that Romanians and Moldovans are taught about history is made-up bullshit (and sometimes just plain crazy – ask me about the Dacian flag story sometime).

Writing a few amusing anecdotes about traveling in Romania? Everyone loved that. Providing some practical advice for foreigners traveling or moving to Romania? Also popular. Pointing out the criminality, hypocrisy, and corruption of Romanian and Moldovan oligarchs? Less popular, but certainly not all that controversial for most folks.

But when you start attacking the foundational myths of the 25+ million people who speak Romanian? Well, my friends, you get a whole lot less popular.

And, sure as hell, absolutely nobody wants to hear the truth about Pridnestrovie (aka “Transnistria”), not because anyone has actually ever been here (including the batshit crazy president of Moldova herself) or knows anyone from here, but because the truth is that Pridnestrovie exists precisely because of the colossal lies that Romania tells itself.

And once you start picking that little tricolor thread apart, the whole fascist sweater unravels.

All right, fine. So what if I’ve come to the point where I’m a “renegade” amateur historian, a “contrarian” on some social issues, and a minuscule gnat in the ointment of a few oligarchs? I, and most importantly, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, can live with that, especially since this blog isn’t monetized in any way.

But then the Great Panic of 2020 happened, and everything went to shit.

The Second 5-Year Plan

Frankly, I had a nice plan to wrap up this blog in 2020 on the ten-year anniversary of its existence.

I was going to finish a few history pieces I had on deck and then go explore the Moldovan Writers Union here in Tiraspol to get the final few pieces of the Romanian-speaking story.

And then goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

Really, that was my plan.

I’m married now, and I’ve got a family to take care of. I’d rather learn how to go fishing than keep arguing with fascists and water carriers for the Empire.

And if I do ever catch a fish down at the riverside, at least I’ll have something to eat for supper. Because telling the truth is expensive while lying pays extraordinarily well.

But, of course, the Great Panic had to arrive and upset the applecart.

At first, you know, just like everybody else, I thought it was a temporary thing, not much different than a winter blizzard that keeps everyone indoors for a week or so. It was a bit scary, but at the same time, it was also a bit exciting.

But that was 18+ months ago, and it isn’t exciting or fun anymore. Now, it is hell on earth. It is global insanity on a scale that would make Goebbels blush.

Prior to 2020, about the worst thing that could happen to me as a result of this blog was having my opinions ignored. And I can live with that.

But these days? I’m on the verge of being Un-Personed, disappeared, and wiped out of digital existence.

Supremely Soviet Redux

Google (and Facebook, Twitter, et al) doesn’t give a shit about my “hot takes” on Romanian history or whether or not I uncover a corruption scandal in some tiny Romanian village.

But they sure as hell do care about me publishing “misinformation” on a number of global subjects, and every single one of my opinions on those subjects is “misinformation,” in their eyes.

At this point, my YouTube account has been deleted, my personal Twitter account has been frozen, Facebook thinks I’m an “extremist,” and this website is rapidly falling down the ranks of Google’s search engine results.

WordPress (whom I pay to host this website) hasn’t said anything to me yet, but who knows how long it will be before I “cross the line” with all of my evil, bad “misinformation” and get shut down?

Lately, because I’m a glutton for punishment and enjoy reading old documents, I’ve been doing a lot of research about just what the Soviets were up to here in Tiraspol following the Tatarbunary massacre by Romanian forces in 1924.

And, well, it reminds me a lot of what is going on today – seemingly earnest groups of people (such as Ivan Ocinschi, a man who should be famous but is now completely forgotten) were hell-bent on “re-educating” people to the “new normal” and exiling, arresting, or murdering anyone who refused to go along.

The Soviet efforts to promulgate “cultural re-education” were pretty bad, but hey, at least they didn’t forcibly inject people with medicine. So that’s something, I suppose.

Stalin always was a bit of a lazy bastard

Give a Fool Some Rope

I suppose I could just keep my mouth shut, pay my bills, take my dog for a walk, and otherwise let the world burn itself down to the ground.

But that just isn’t who I am. I feel compelled to speak out. After all, that’s what I’ve been doing for more than a decade, now.

Further compounding my dilemma is the fact that, after writing something like three million words (1,825 articles at last count), I’ve pretty much always tied everything I’ve written about here to something specific to Romania or a country/region where Romanian is spoken.

But this Great Panic is worldwide and hardly exclusive to Romania (or Moldova, PMR, Cernauti, Timoc Valley, etc), even though that’s still where my focus lies.

So, do I keep writing here about these issues and condemn this blog to the Memory Hole? Do I start some other kind of blog and speak my mind there? Or do I just focus on learning Russian better so that I can make friends with the guys fishing down by the river?

And it goes beyond just censoring or deleting this website. I’ve been working “remotely” (via the internet) since 2004, and that kind of work is highly dependent on your network of relationships and reputation. These days, all it takes is one faint whiff of “blasphemer” and people will turn to someone else when they need a job to do.

So yeah, I do have some “skin in the game” when it comes to being UnPersoned for daring to protest all this neo-Soviet re-education bullshit.

I really don’t know what to do, going forward. But I will say this right now – a very Dark Winter is coming, indeed.

Dictionary Support

If you ask most people what the most significant events of the 20th century were, they’ll talk about all the wars, including World War I, World War II, the invention (and deployment) of nuclear weapons, and also events like the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

And, perhaps, if you’re lucky, they’ll mention all the various colonial and post-colonial wars of independence (like the Great African War that left, ho hum, some five million people dead, yawn).

But, to my mind, the two most significant events of the 20th century were the redefinition of the words “education” and “medicine.”

If you exchange the noun “education” with “brainwashing” and the adjective “educated” with “brainwashed,” all the articles and essays and books and news bulletins from mainstream sources will make a lot more sense.

Likewise, just replace “medicine” with “toxin” or “poison,” and everything (from approved sources) you ever read on the subject will be far more intelligible.

Galton Fever

The third significant event of the 20th century was the rise of global oligarchs who are absolutely obsessed with both eugenics and reducing the number of human beings who live on this planet.

Master of Peace

Hilariously, being rich and powerful does not mean that you’re very smart. Otherwise, there’s simply no other explanation as to why these eugenicists and Malthusian devils are pursuing the policies that they are currently pursuing.

In short, their Satanically evil mRNA “vaccines” are killing precisely the population that they think is the “Master Race,” predominately folks in North America, Europe, and the Gulf Arab states.

Almost nobody in India or China (which account for roughly half of the human population) is taking them. Furthermore, the “evil” socialist/Communist countries of Latin America and Asia aren’t taking them either, and neither are the poor (but quite populous) countries of Africa. Russia and its many allies (Kazakhstan, et al) are also exempt from this suicide pact.

On top of that, the oligarchs’ plans for plowing under farmland to build “carbon sequestration” pipelines and all other related bullshit to “combat global warming” (which is, in itself, a Big Lie) is, again, primarily destroying life for the same “Master Race” folks.

Nobody in India or China is doing any of that horseshit, nor are they reducing any of their “dangerous” carbon dioxide emissions, either.

In short, the eugenicists and Malthusians of the Club of Rome, Bilderburg Group, COP, Trilateral Commission, and all the other oligarchical round tables are destroying the economies, sustainability, and lives of the very populations from which the oligarchs come from.

Even more tragi-hilariously, the people who are going to survive the Dark Winter are going to be the toughest, most independent free thinkers out there, not the “respectable” factotums with good jobs who currently give the oligarchs all their power.

Batten Down the Hatches

So yeah, for most of the folks reading these words (in Canada, the USA, and Europe), it’s going to be a Dark Winter indeed.

Deaths are going to skyrocket, especially amongst children and young adults. Millions of people are going to develop severe health problems, including the complete destruction of their immune system, a kind of “AIDS” without HIV.

On top of that, food is going to be scarce (and expensive), people are going to freeze to death due to power cuts and price hikes, and riots, looting, and civil disturbances will increase. Along the way, a few governments will topple, and armed clashes will occur (one is already brewing between Poland and Belarus) in places that haven’t seen war in a long time.

Honestly, I thought last year’s insanity was the worst it was going to get. But right now, “educated” people are even more determined than ever to believe in propaganda, and so we’re all on the fast train to dictatorship and then civil war.

So yeah, it’s time to hunker down in your bunker and stock up on the essentials, including reading material from before the neo-Soviets like Greta Thunberg and Ibram Rogers (aka “Kendi”) took over the joint (be sure to scroll down until you find the word “pharmaceutical” in the article).

My prediction is that, within two years or so, it’s going to be over, one way or another.

Either the oligarchs will win, and we’ll all be wearing masks forever and carrying digital passports (or else jailed in national resilience camps) to get inside our local food ration centers, or else the entire world order will be turned upside down, with Europe, North America, and the Gulf Arab states transformed into poverty-stricken wastelands and divided into dozens of different petty dictatorships while folks in Russia, China, Africa, and India enjoy the good life.

But please, you really shouldn’t believe me. I’m a brainwashed “conspiracy theorist” who has never been right about anything, even when it’s a wise oligarch saying it or a military expert.

Instead of listening to me, a far better choice is to go and watch some CNN and let Don Lemon tickle your mustache, especially after you get your lethal “booster” shot.

You’ll feel a lot fucking better, I swear…

5 thoughts on “Wrong Way on a One-way Track

  1. Continue to write… Your insights into the world sad state of affairs are priceless. And don’t listen to losers who tell you to go somewhere else, pretending to know any better. It’s the same sh… y state of affairs everywhere. I have just come back to Romania after 6 years in the U. K.. Don’t see a difference in the way masses are manipulated here and there! Pretty hard on the mental, I have no patience for ironical comments. Keep on keeping on!


  2. Man, how did this happen to you?! It is very sad. Get out of there as quickly as you can, go home or somewhere in the sane part of Europe, get help.


  3. Oligarchs have run the world since the beginning of time. When they share in their wealth everyone is happy. When they hoard their wealth we fight each other.


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