Gavrilita Gets the Gas Face

I almost felt sorry for Natalia Gavrilita, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova (RM), yesterday.


But I was too busy laughing my ass off :)

A year ago, Ms. Gavrilita was sitting in London, getting paid an enormous amount of money to push paper for the Empire, and then yesterday, President Crazy Maia Sandu made her pick up the phone and call PMR President Krasnoselsky.

As far as I can tell, this was the very first ever direct one-on-one conversation held between a Moldovan PM and the PMR president, i.e. outside of the “5+2” and other international group formats.

So, what prompted this unusual event?

Well, Moldova is currently facing a “gas crisis.” But unlike the situation in Germany or Britain where their idiotic “green energy” policies are to blame, Moldova’s panic is purely due to the fact that Moldova was too busy fucking around over the past few months to negotiate this winter’s (natural) gas buy from Russia.

And when Germany et al. went into full freak out mode, and the price of natural gas price deliveries from Russia shot up, Moldova was left holding an empty bag.

Remind Me Who the Communists Are

Here (🇲🇩) is the official communique from the Moldovan side about what Gravilita and Krasnoselsky talked about.

My translation:

Today [October 19, 2021], Prime Minister Gavrilita held a phone conversation with Vadim Krasnoselsky. Discussed were issues that affect citizens on both sides of the Dniester [River].

Gee, pretty hilarious that they couldn’t even bother to say who this “mystery man” Krasnoselsky was or why she needed to be talking to him.

The Prime Minister requested information about [future] electrical energy supply from the power plant in Kurchugan, in case [future] deliveries of natural gas from Moldovagaz will be reduced, and how much coal is on hand. Vadim Kranoselsky gave assurances that Kurchugan will honor all of its contractual obligations in supplying electrical energy to the Right Bank [aka the Republic of Moldova].

The last paragraph just says “other issues were discussed,” which is a complete copout, especially since they were quite important.

The (Real) Free Press

To find out what really happened, you have to go to the PMR media (🇷🇺).

Beyond assuring that PMR will continue to deliver electricity to Moldova, Kranoselsky added that PMR isn’t suffering any energy “inconveniences,” which is pretty dry humor but hilarious nonetheless.

Krasnoselsky also added that his people are discussing the issue of (future) natural gas deliveries with Russia.

As for the “other issues” that were discussed, they go something like this: PMR is honoring all of the agreements made with Moldova in 2017 and 2018, including:

  • Not interfering with the “Romanian” schools in PMR;
  • Letting RM farmers near Dubasari freely cross over the border to work their farmlands in PMR;
  • Cooperating with the “neutral” license plates program wherein PMR drivers are issued a license plate without a national flag, that is recognized by RM; and
  • Ensuring interoperability between the RM and PMR telephone networks.

However, RM continues to renege on pretty much all of the things they agreed on, including:

  • RM is processing those “neutral” license plates extremely slowly (as well as charging an arm and a leg to do so);
  • RM is processing the accreditation of PMR high school and university diplomas extremely slowly;
  • RM continues to have active warrants out against PMR leaders for “impersonating government officials” which is obviously a bullshit political ploy; and
  • RM continues to block PMR companies and individuals from opening or having bank accounts in Moldova.

The last one is particularly poignant at the moment because the Tiraspol football (🇺🇸/🇨🇦 soccer) club is busy winning championship games, but the players can’t receive any of the prize money because RM won’t let them open a bank account (PMR is cut off from the international SWIFT network).

This banking issue came to the fore in 2019 when RM suddenly closed most PMR company bank accounts in Moldova, supposedly because of “money laundering” issues. Mind you, these companies aren’t accused of money laundering, only “failing to provide information” that’s somehow “needed” to combat money laundering.

Hell, I’ve been closely following the issue for two years now (especially since it affects me as well), and I still can’t figure out exactly what the “missing” information is supposed to be.

All I do know is, at the last meeting before the Virus Panic of 2020, the vice-president of Moldova’s Central Bank was scheduled to be present at the negotiating table but could not attend because he got arrested for financial crimes himself the day before LOL

The “neutral” license plate issue is also important because Moldova’s been leaning hard on Ukraine to ban all vehicles with “non-neutral” PMR plates from entering their country. Besides affecting ordinary folks who work in Ukraine or have family there, this is also stopping PMR ambulances from delivering patients to Ukrainian hospitals for treatment.

Last, but not least, is this nugget from the PMR report about the phone call between Gavrilita and Krasnoselsky.

My translation:

At the request of Natalia Gavrilita, Vadim Krasnoselsky will send her some documents, familiarity with which will allow the Moldovan official to understand the essence of the issues on the negotiating agenda, which may further contribute to a more effective bilateral dialogue.


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