Ben Hodges gets a hard-on for war

Ben Hodges Gives Himself Another Stiffy

One of the few people who is absolutely lovin’ the shit out of lockdowns is the warmonger Ben Hodges, formerly a high-ranking American soldier (retired) who now spends all day holed up in his office, getting off on war porn.

Ben Hodges was plenty busy back in 2019 during the Before Times, and he got even busier during lockdown, doing Zoom call after Zoom call with literally anyone who would have him.

And what was his refrain every single time?

“Russia is gonna invade Ukraine and also annex Pridnestrovie [“Transnistria”] as part of a war against Moldova and Romania.”

Which is… beyond nuts.

This week, he appeared via Zoom on Romanian TV in Moldova (i.e. owned by the Romanian government but broadcast in the Republic of Moldova).

The video at the link is in English and subtitled in Romanian.

Let’s start with this hilarious opener:

Maya Sandu [the president of Moldova] showed a lot of courage during the first weeks of her presidency when she said it’s time for Russian soldiers to leave Pridnestrovie.

First of all, every Moldova politician left of Renato Usatii says something similar about “Russian troops off of our land” about once a month. It’s practically required.

That being said, it is absolutely hilarious that Ben Hodges apparently doesn’t know how those Russian troops actually get to Pridnestrovie.

I kid you not – Maia Sandu didn’t know about either until after she became president, and she’s supposed to be an educated person (she’s the former Education Minister, after all).

However, I will reveal to all of you the “great secret” that Zoom-chair generals and bonkers politicians in Moldova are unaware of.

The Great Secret

Shh, don’t tell anyone this but…

Every single Russian soldier on duty right now in PMR got here by flying into the Chisinau airport.

Every last one.

The Russian soldiers aren’t being smuggled in here on the backs of trucks or via secret underground tunnels or parachuted out of planes.

The soldiers all fly on a normal commercial flight to Chisinau just like any other visitor.

In fact, if you’ve ever flown to Chisinau, chances are that you were sitting next to a Russian soldier and didn’t know it.

And the Chisinau airport is most definitely under the control of the Republic of Moldova, including the president, Ms. Maia Sandu.

Therefore, all President Sandu would need to do in order to free Moldova from those “occupying troops” is simply not allow them to enter the country and put them on a flight back to Russia.

Bing, bang, boom. Problem solved.

Fake Turtles All the Fake Way Down

Indeed, right after Maia Sandu did go on a rant about those “occupying Russian soldiers” in December shortly after getting elected president, the statement that Ben Hodges found to be so “courageous,” her assistants and the Moldovan media all helpfully informed her of just how easy it would be to stop the inflow of soldiers by blocking them at the airport.

So, why didn’t she do it?

Especially when every Russian soldier is required to register in advance and tell Moldova their duty schedule?

Well, now you understand just how full of crap are politicians in the “legitimate country” of Moldova 😜

Now, back to the guy who wants to drink my blood:

I think that the [Biden] administration should develop a strategy for the Black Sea region, which includes Moldova, as well as a political strategy for Transnistria. It is clear that the outcome that we don’t want to see would be armored Russian columns begin occupying this region, including Pridnestrovie.


Moldova is a landlocked country.

PMR is also landlocked and even further away from the Black Sea.

There is literally no reason for Russia to attack Moldova or Romania. And why in the hell would Russia need to send armored vehicles to PMR?

The whole premise is insane.

And Ben Hodges’ fixation on Russia needing to move armored vehicles to PMR defies even the most elementary understanding of how military logistics work. Just look at a map, and you’ll instantly see what a stupid idea it is.

As far as I can tell, this deluded bastard seems to believe that if, one day, Russia wanted to militarily conquer the entirety of Ukraine in a full-out conventional war, then PMR could be used as a Russian depot or beachhead of some sorts, and then somehow Romania and Moldova will get swept up in this war via the Black Sea(?), both of them fighting against Russia, so now is the time to buy a ton of tanks and guns and other war stuff.

There are so many “what ifs” in there, that it makes your head spin. But an all-out war between Russia and Ukraine as well as between Russia and Romania/Moldova (with some kind of assist from the United States) is the only scenario bloody enough to satisfy Ben Hodges’ sick needs.

Ben Hodges needs to take advantage of his retirement and go spend some time outdoors in the countryside doing a healthy activity like horseback riding or fishing because we here in the real world are about tired of his pornographic fantasies.

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