Lambs to the Slaughter

Well, well! I see that my last post rattled a few cages. Good! It’s about time that people start waking up to the truth.

I understand that it isn’t easy to discover that you’ve been lied to, much less a Big Lie, but so it goes.

You might wonder why it’s me – a person with literally ZERO medical expertise – having to tell you this stuff, or even if I might be seriously deluded, a “hapless victim” of sinister conspiracy theories, et al.

Fair question!

In a better world, “experts” would actually be experts on the subject, not mouthpieces for a demonic cult.

In a better world, government health ministries and agencies would be combing through the data to learn as much as they can and adapting to new information as it comes in instead of doing 1984 Orwell shit.

In a better world, journalists wouldn’t be inducing fear and panic as their fucking business model.

In that better world, I could focus on reading old WW2 dispatches from Ion Antonescu and all the other boring stuff that I do in my free time.

But until that better world gets here, only “weirdos” like me with nothing left to lose are able to discover and speak the truth.

Better off injecting heroin

I realize that no one has ever told you this, but wherever there’s a high rate of mRNA “vaccinations,” there are now lots of people dying.

Don’t want to take my word for it? No problem!

Do your own research, and you’ll find:

🇮🇸 Iceland: 81.27% of population injected with mRNA poison. Declared a total success in June 2021. Criminally inhumane restrictions such as mandatory masks and lockdowns were just re-imposed due to the skyrocketing illness rate.

🇬🇮 Gibraltar – Declared the world champion at injecting mRNA poisons with a “119%” rate, meaning there are literally zero unvaccinated people left to stab. But now? Cases are on the rise and public urged to avoid large gatherings and wear masks everywhere.

🇸🇬 Singapore – 85% of the population (meaning adults and kids) received two shots of mRNA poison, and 18% have received a third shot. Cases and deaths are surging, including large outbreak clusters at nursing homes where all residents and staff are “vaccinated.”

🇮🇱 Israel – First mover in getting more than 50% of adults were double injected by February 2020. Currently over 78% of the population is injected with two doses. Cases skyrocketed and so they approved a third shot in June and now 43% have received a third dose, and yet – surprise! – cases are now climbing for the tripled stabbed.

🇩🇰 Denmark – 86% of the population is double injected. Cases and hospitalizations are now surging, and the government is considering re-imposing inhumane and useless restrictions.

🇦🇹 Austria – 65% double stabbed. Cases and hospitalizations now at a record high. The government’s response is to go full Nazi.

🇳🇱 Netherlands – 85% double stabbed and yet the country is now seeing record-beating highs in cases and hospitalizations. The illegitimate Prime Minister responded by imposing “partial” lockdowns and calling out the police to use water cannon against peaceful(!) protesters last night.

🇳🇴 Norway – Human rights were restored on September 25, 2021, to “celebrate” the double stabbing of 86% of adults. Cases and hospitalizations are now surging, and the country is going to impose yellow stars (“vaccine passports”) and start giving adults a third death jab.

⛰️ Vermont – American state with the highest vaccination rate in the country (72%), and a place that still mandates strapping a fucking cloth to your face. Yet, guess what? The state is experiencing an alarming surge in cases and hospitalizations.

🇨🇺 Meanwhile, in places like Cuba, where there are no mRNA injections, cases and hospitalizations continue to fall.

Mafia Rats

As for why the hell anyone would trust Pfizer or any of the other mRNA manufacturers, I have no earthly idea.

Pfizer is a habitual offender, “persistently engaging in illegal practices, bribing physicians, and suppressing adverse trial results.”

In 2009, Pfizer was fined 2.3 billion dollars, a world fucking record for criminal acts. That case partially involved bribing doctors to lie and say Pfizer’s products were safe and effective.

In fact, Pfizer has been convicted of a very long list of crimes, including safety violations, falsifying trial results, and bribing foreign governments.

Pfizer also illegally used children in Nigeria as guinea pigs to test a drug that killed several children and left others severely deformed, paralyzed, deaf, and/or brain-damaged.

In a better world, Pfizer would’ve been shut down long ago and the CEO jailed.

Likewise, Johnson and Johnson is also a criminal racket with over 9 billion dollars in total penalties, including over four hundred million dollars for killing people with its shit products as well as pretending to recall those products but not actually doing so.

AstraZeneca is also a consistent criminal offender, but comes in third place with “only” 1 billion dollars in total penalties since its founding in 1999. You can see their criminal rap sheet here as well as learn about their disturbing ties to the eugenics movement.

Moderna, the fourth and final mRNA manufacturer, has no criminal history because it never manufactured a single product before last year (the company is immune from prosecution for deaths and injuries caused by its mRNA “vaccine”).

Furthermore, Moderna has never published a single article in a peer-reviewed medical journal about its research.  Last year, Moderna announced that it had produced a “vaccine” but refused to publish any data whatsoever about its trial data.

Furthermore, the company is run by Stephane Bancel, who is described as a fucking psychopath by anyone who ever worked for him.

And on top of all of the above, there’s also the fact that nobody knows what the long-term results of these mRNA injections will be, precisely because they’re all still in Phase 3 clinical trials that won’t end until 2023.

Quite literally, this means anyone taking this shit is volunteering to be a lab rat for the mafia.

And in this corner…

In contrast, Russia’s Gamelaya Institute, the maker of the Sputnik V Covid vaccine, has never been implicated in or accused of any malfeasance or wrongdoing. The company was founded in 1891 and has a 130-year track history of producing safe and effective medicines, including a WHO-approved Ebola vaccine.

Cuba’s “Soberana 02” Covid vaccine is produced by the Finlay Institute in Havana, which was founded in 1991. It previously created a vaccine against Meningococcus, which has been used in 15 countries with no serious adverse events reported.

Likewise, Chinese and Indian manufacturers also have long and excellent track records of producing safe vaccines.

None of the Covid vaccines mentioned above use mRNA “technology,” only well-tested techniques that have been around for decades.

Shoot the Messenger

Like I said, trust me, or don’t. Do your own research if you want some answers (unfortunately, you won’t get any straight answers if you use Google, so try tools like Yandex or DuckDuckGo).

But whatever you do, definitely do not trust a single goddamn word coming at you from the Western media because they have all been paid off.

3 thoughts on “Lambs to the Slaughter

  1. Have you read Bezmenov, John Glubb, or Sun Tzu?
    The first and last ones detailed how to subvert countries and the bloke in the middle detailed how empires rise and fall.
    The above may seem unrelated, however combined they explain what is happening in the world currently.


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