A day in Sighisoara, Romania

In this house Dracula never entered :-)


This past weekend my friends and I went on a spontaneous trip to the medieval Romanian town, Sighisoara. This town is truly magical and deserves to be considered of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. The cobblestone roads and the colorful buildings made me felt like a child walking through a fairy tale. I have to admit that I am jealous of locals because they get to experience this amazing architecture everyday. When we first arrived to Sighisoara, we went straight to the our hostel to check in. We stayed at the Burg Hostel, which has a great staff and atmosphere. I prefer to stay at hostels because they’re affordable (I am a college student after all ) and you get to meet interesting people along the way. For once, I didn’t plan an itinerary for the day due to being busy with writing papers and creating lessons for my students. We decided…

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