The Man Behind the Curtain Speaks

Although he normally toils away in obscurity, speaking only to his minions and the foreign governments that prop up his regime, Vladimir Plahotnyuk took the opportunity last week to speak to the press. The reason? Well, 2018 is a mandatory election year for parliament. Although people have been protesting (especially in the winter of 2016/17) for early elections, Plahotnyuk and his allies have (wisely) deferred … Continue reading The Man Behind the Curtain Speaks

Vlad Plahotniuc leers

RIP, Democracy in Moldova

Well, today was a very sad and tragic day for the people of the Republic of Moldova, as now this country is officially a regime: A government, especially an authoritarian one. On paper, RM is a democracy, complete with elections, a parliament, and a head of state. But in reality, a single mob boss controls everything in this country. And the only reason he’s allowed … Continue reading RIP, Democracy in Moldova

A day in Sighisoara, Romania

Originally posted on agirltravelstheglobe:
This past weekend my friends and I went on a spontaneous trip to the medieval Romanian town, Sighisoara. This town is truly magical and deserves to be considered of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. The cobblestone roads and the colorful buildings made me felt like a child walking through a fairy tale. I have to admit that I am jealous… Continue reading A day in Sighisoara, Romania

Nuland Endorses Moldova’s Most Hated Politician

Hmm…. this all sounds very familiar. First, the staid New York Times piece: These days, however, it is a different photograph that is rallying support for Moscow’s allies in Europe’s Poorest Country™. It shows a United States assistant secretary of state, Victoria J. Nuland, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in Washington with Vlad Plahotniuc, Moldova’s most-feared figure, a nominally pro-Western tycoon with a reputation so toxic that even … Continue reading Nuland Endorses Moldova’s Most Hated Politician

Pot Calling Kettle

Well this is certainly interesting: Romania plans to counteract Russian mass media in Moldova. Dan Stojanescu, the head of the ministry’s department for politics towards and communications with fellow-Romanians abroad said at the first session of the board the time was ripe for supporting Moldova in the sphere of European values through the creation of a common space for communications and joint investments. He said … Continue reading Pot Calling Kettle