Transnistria FAQ

After my interesting adventure in Transnistria, I realized that basically, no one knows anything about this country. Excuse me, no one outside the Russian-speaking world. Therefore, I present to you the world’s very first FAQ page for Transnistria, the country that doesn’t exist, except, of course, that it does. Isn’t Transnistria a breakaway republic? Kinda yes and kinda no. Here’s the timeline: 1924 – Transnistria … Continue reading Transnistria FAQ

A Lovely Day in Tiraspol

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to go visit Transnistria. Although I’ve been living in Moldova for a few years now, I just never found the time to go. While we had no idea what to expect, we were really pleased by our visit to this country. After our first bus suffered some kind of electrical problem, the ride to Transnistria was smooth and … Continue reading A Lovely Day in Tiraspol

The Russian Queen of Romania That Almost Was

Have you ever seen this photograph before? It is, quite possibly, the single most important photograph ever taken in the 20th century. The woman on the far right, holding a baby, is Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova. The young man in the back is Crown Prince Carol. The photograph was taken on July 14, 1914, in Constanta, Romania. Although no one quite knew it at … Continue reading The Russian Queen of Romania That Almost Was