A day in Sighisoara, Romania

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This past weekend my friends and I went on a spontaneous trip to the medieval Romanian town, Sighisoara. This town is truly magical and deserves to be considered of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. The cobblestone roads and the colorful buildings made me felt like a child walking through a fairy tale. I have to admit that I am jealous… Continue reading A day in Sighisoara, Romania

Chasing Dracula, Part 79

Hey look, it’s yet another foreigner touring Romania in search of Dracula! After touring Sighisoara (where Vlad was born), they head to Bran (where Vlad never even visited): We were able to have a look around Bran castle aka Dracula’s Castle. In all honesty the castle has very little to do with the actual Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) but you can see why Bram Stoker … Continue reading Chasing Dracula, Part 79

An Epic 2000-Mile Roadtrip Through Romania

Plenty of travelers and tourists come to Romania but they tend to fall into two categories – those that fly into the country and then (maybe) go on short road trips or poor backpackers who hitchhike and see amazing things but rarely blog. Today we’re all in for a rare treat as my friend and his wife went on a 2,656-kilometer roadtrip last year to … Continue reading An Epic 2000-Mile Roadtrip Through Romania

Sighisoara, the Medieval Festival and I

Yes folks, the rumors ARE true. I, the King of Romania, was in the unbelievably gorgeous town of Sighisoara (siggy-shwarah) a few weeks ago for the annual medieval festival. And it is also true that I took part in the events as a very…. hmm, unique performer. More on that in a second ;) I’ve always told visitors to this country (and even some Romanians) … Continue reading Sighisoara, the Medieval Festival and I