Eye on Elim

Two days ago, I wrote a piece on the Bodnariu saga that was as fair and balanced as I could make it. Despite this, my site was deluged by spam from the Bodnariu propaganda network (I deleted most of it, but left the salient comments) as well as several insulting messages.

So be it. I believe in freedom of speech, even for the creepy Elim church. As I mentioned in both of my articles on the case, I wasn’t there in Norway and the government isn’t talking, so I have no idea whether child services were out of line or not. And yes, the BBC article I linked to mention several cases in which the Norwegian child services agency acted inappropriately.

I was ready to put the whole thing to rest when I came across this:

A 15-year-old Canadian boy suffering from severe effects of insulin-dependent diabetes died because his religious parents refused to seek proper medical care, the CBC reports. Emil and Rodica Radita are on trial for first-degree murder after their son, Alex, died in 2013 from what prosecutors say were the effects of his parents’ refusal to seek medical care and rely on prayer and home treatment instead.

The parents are members of the Elim church. So unless there’s a worldwide conspiracy amongst democratic nations to denigrate evangelical Romanian parents, it’s obvious that something’s going on with the way that Elim church members are raising their kids.

Which tells me that even though I’m bound to continue to face the wrath of the Elim/Bodnariu network, I’m now going to set the Unsleeping Eye to keep an eye on this strange church that is so influential with the PSD party. Especially when Ponta’s protege, former Grandmaster spokesperson, and PSD stalwart Gabriela Firea just became the next mayor of Bucharest. This is the woman who expressed some rather odd ideas in the past, including that anyone who is married and doesn’t have a child is not a “complete person”. Yeah.

In happier, and far less creepy news, a 13-year-old girl named Laura Bretan won Romania’s Got Talent singing contest with a fantastic, although somewhat controversial performance. Not mentioned in most reports is that she and her family are lifelong Elim members.

Laura seems healthy and normal, but not everyone is happy with Elim’s focus on using little girls to sing in the church.

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