Constantin Brancusi Day

At the end of 2015, Iohannis “Dirty” Klaus signed into law a bill that officially commemorates February 19 as Constantin Brancusi Day. Awesome!

The guy truly was a talented artist and was seemingly born that way, as there are stories of him carving intricate things even as a young child. And, despite the fact that Romanian kids are generally happy and that “nothing” can surpass the “perfect love” that Romanian parents have for their children, it’s worth mentioning that Brancusi had to run away from home to avoid beatings from his father.

Sadly, the Romanian press, as usual, is being its scandal-loving self. Hotnews has one story about Brancusi, about how he rudely dumped his first girlfriend. Evenimentul Zilei and Gandul don’t have a single article about Brancusi. And Adevarul just has a tiny story about how Bucharest high school students are celebrating Brancusi Day.

It’s only the much-aligned Jurnalul (part of the same group as the Antena media channels which are what all of the Romanian papers are having an orgasm discussing today) which has a proper article (in Romanian) about this incredibly important and influential Romania artist on the official government holiday to celebrate the man and his contribution to art.

My personal favorite of Brancusi’s work is his Endless Column, pictured in the photo above and available to see in person at the super cool sculpture park in Targu-Jiu. I’ve traveled a lot in Romania but never did get a chance to visit T-J so seeing those amazing sculptures is definitely on my bucket list for the future.

Well, the Romania news might not care but I, for one, am definitely celebrating Constantin Brancusi Day by commemorating this amazing artist with this post!

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