Unification 2018 Campaign Officially Underway

Hey folks, sorry I’ve been “gone” so much these past few days. Honestly, I’m about burned out on all of the 50 other projects I’ve got going on other than this blog. I love talking and writing about Romanian stuff and, if it were up to me, I’d be doing it every day :) Nonetheless, thought I’d post this picture that I took a few … Continue reading Unification 2018 Campaign Officially Underway

Constantin Brancusi Day

At the end of 2015, Iohannis “Dirty” Klaus signed into law a bill that officially commemorates February 19 as Constantin Brancusi Day. Awesome! The guy truly was a talented artist and was seemingly born that way, as there are stories of him carving intricate things even as a young child. And, despite the fact that Romanian kids are generally happy and that “nothing” can surpass … Continue reading Constantin Brancusi Day

Akum noi toti govarim pa romaneste

Ever since I read The Brass Check on my first e-reader about 10 years ago (yep), I’ve been fascinated by which news stories that people who are hyper-aware of the media know about and which stories seem to drift into the general population’s consciousness, as if my magic osmosis. Last night I was doing yet another interview (nothing new or original was discussed) and the … Continue reading Akum noi toti govarim pa romaneste