Constantin Brancusi Day

At the end of 2015, Iohannis “Dirty” Klaus signed into law a bill that officially commemorates February 19 as Constantin Brancusi Day. Awesome! The guy truly was a talented artist and was seemingly born that way, as there are stories of him carving intricate things even as a young child. And, despite the fact that Romanian kids are generally happy and that “nothing” can surpass … Continue reading Constantin Brancusi Day

Germans, the New Deal and Overwork

After writing my recent post about vacations in Romania, I came across this Salon article talking about how Germans are more productive yet work less and have more time off than Americans do. Quite illuminating and I recommend reading the entire thing, especially the fact that statistically Americans work nine full weeks more per year than Germans do and have six weeks (!) mandatory vacation … Continue reading Germans, the New Deal and Overwork