Music Education Under Threat in Romania

According to this informative post, many of Romania’s schools’ music education programs are on the verge of being removed from the curriculum. And it’s all the fault of the music teachers!

Every time a teacher started to believe what everyone was saying about music education – how it’s worthless, kids don’t need it, what’s he gonna do in life if he learns how to read music? – it definitely died.

What a shame. I definitely owe a huge part of my upbringing thanks to my musical education. Did I grow up to play the guitar on the MTV? No. Did learning how to read musical notation ever turn out to be “useful”? Nope. But I still wouldn’t change a thing as it expanded my mind in a unique and special way. And there’s plenty of scientific evidence that demonstrates how beneficial an education in music is for children.

All I can say on a personal level is that it definitely helped me appreciate the classics in a more comprehensive and beautiful way. Still one of my all-time favorite videos!

6 thoughts on “Music Education Under Threat in Romania

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  4. Unfortunately this is a huge problem around the world. Even in U.S. schools art and music programs are being cut constantly. This is why my volunteer program is so important to me! I want to be able to give back to the community in Brasov by bringing my training and skills into their schools, foster homes, and orphanages. Thank you for posting this article!


    1. I had to move to the US to understand how lucky my kids are that they can learn to play an instrument at a very low cost. We live in VA and music teachers in my children’s school are very dedicated and the kids perform amazingly . I was impressed by their concerts and music skills.

      I lived in Romania for almost 40 years but the only music education I got in school was singing in a chorus in elementary school. So how could Romania discover talents without investing in children’s education? There is maybe an insignificant number of parents who are doing it by themselves but at a big cost and effort. Such a waste..

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