Music Education Under Threat in Romania

According to this informative post, many of Romania’s schools’ music education programs are on the verge of being removed from the curriculum. And it’s all the fault of the music teachers! Every time a teacher started to believe what everyone was saying about music education – how it’s worthless, kids don’t need it, what’s he gonna do in life if he learns how to read … Continue reading Music Education Under Threat in Romania

The Ballad of Pangur Bán

One of the strange byproducts of being even slightly famous is that certain stories from your own life become apocryphal tales over time as they are told again and again, each time with more embellishments added. One such tale, based on a true story, is that when I was a high school student in America, I spent an academic year in Israel, officially studying ancient … Continue reading The Ballad of Pangur Bán