Chasing Dracula, Part 79

Hey look, it’s yet another foreigner touring Romania in search of Dracula! After touring Sighisoara (where Vlad was born), they head to Bran (where Vlad never even visited):

We were able to have a look around Bran castle aka Dracula’s Castle. In all honesty the castle has very little to do with the actual Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) but you can see why Bram Stoker chose the setting for his novel.

Uh, no. Not even the book takes place in Bran Castle. Oh well! On to Brasov because… it’s where Vlad lived for a few years and may have married a local Saxon woman? Nope.

The Romanians are not very strict about the timescale for taking down Christmas decorations so the main square was still fully decorated which was very pretty especially with the snow on the ground. It was all free time once we arrived so we decided to go to a bar.

Ahh, what foreigners love best – the Romanian bar!

And yes, “the” Romanians don’t take down their Christmas decorations until after the Christmas season is actually over, keeping in mind that the season begins on December 25. Old-fashioned, I know ;)

Check out the link for more pictures of the unofficial “Dracula tour”.

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