It All Seems Just Like Yesterday

I’m not quite sure where I found this picture, but it’s stuck with me for the past few weeks. At first, it seems rather simple, but it reminds me of a lot of Romania’s recent history. Here’s the picture: There are several things to unpack here: The man in the photo is Nicolae Guta, a man I’ve written about many times before. You can see … Continue reading It All Seems Just Like Yesterday

Plecat sa cânte la îngeri

I was very sad to learn this week that the singer Denisa Emilia Raducu, often referred to as Denisa Manelista, has died from liver disease. As the nickname “Manelista” suggests, Denisa was primarily a singer of manele, a musical genre often ridiculed and unappreciated by most Romanians. But Denisa was truly special. Born on December 13, 1989, Denisa began her singing career as a young … Continue reading Plecat sa cânte la îngeri