Garbage Fire

Lately, I’ve had my mind on my neighbor down the road, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about good old Unicorn City. Ah yes, my pet name for dear, sweet Cluj-Napoca, a charming city that is, unfortunately, a little too full of its own shit. How many times have I written about this before, for goodness’ sake? Shameless Cluj-Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania, … Continue reading Garbage Fire

Bodnariu Saga Over For Now

I first wrote about this case six months ago, wherein a Romanian family living in Norway had their children taken from them by the local equivalent of Child Protective Services. The case certainly got a LOT of attention in Romania, with 99.99% of the comments expressing rather hyperbolic sentiments along the lines of “A family’s love for their children is always perfect” and that the … Continue reading Bodnariu Saga Over For Now

Romania’s Children the Happiest in the World

Shame on me, of course, for linking to The Daily Mail, but I do find it interesting that Romanian children ranked highest (out of 16 countries worldwide) as the “happiest”. Far more significant (to me) is that Romanian children also ranked highest in terms of satisfaction in the way they look. One of the saddest epidemics to strike both the UK and the USA is … Continue reading Romania’s Children the Happiest in the World