Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Want to feel better about yourself? There’s a simple solution – spend a ton of money treating yourself to a charity vacation in Romania:

The team was assigned a family that we would primarily be doing our work for. Our family (not that I can remember the name of this family, they were Romania, it was a hard name) consisted of 3 children and the mother and father.

Yes, they were Romania. Total expenditures by this halfwit were approximately 1100 pounds or 6300 RON. Add in her three companions and what they spent (1100 x 4 = 4400 GBP or 25.000 RON) and that would’ve been more than enough money for the “Romania” family to build their own fucking house.

After helping build a house in this “shanty town”, it was time for the real purpose of the visit:

After all the hard work we went exploring the country. We visited some of the countries major cities, including Transylvania (Dracula was born here, did you know?). We even climbed a mountain and canoed across a lake.

Glad you had fun! Now please stay in school until you learn basic English.

You might remember that I posted a story recently about a similar charity vacationer but she deleted her entire blog just days later. Of course nothing on the internet ever disappears.

The seminal article on this concept of charity vacations (often known as being a voluntourist) was written in 2014 by a former voluntourist who woke up to how ridiculous the idea is.

Our mission while at the orphanage was to build a library. Turns out that we, a group of highly educated private boarding school students, were so bad at the most basic construction work that each night the men had to take down the structurally unsound bricks we had laid and rebuild the structure so that, when we woke up in the morning, we would be unaware of our failure.
It is likely that this was a daily ritual. Us mixing cement and laying bricks for 6+ hours, them undoing our work after the sun set, re-laying the bricks, and then acting as if nothing had happened so that the cycle could continue.
Basically, we failed at the sole purpose of our being there. It would have been more cost effective, stimulative of the local economy, and efficient for the orphanage to take our money and hire locals to do the work, but there we were trying to build straight walls without a level.


Peace Corps “volunteers” (who are paid) are rarely much better:

Modernity has not quite reached parts of Moldavia and Southern Bucovina, the eastern most regions, and having a car was a wonderful way to see rural Romania. (The Moldavia region of Romania and Moldova the present day country used to be a single region until the Russian Empire took away the latter).

Yes, the Russian Empire that ended in 1917 “took away” Basarabia in 1940. Amazing that these clowns can even tie their own shoes.

But hey, as long as you’re helping out those poor backward Romanians with your “highly educated” minds and valuable volunteer “assistance”, then feel free to pat yourself on the back!

2 thoughts on “Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

  1. In 1812 the Ottomans ceded to the Russian Empire the eastern half of Moldavia. Maybe you’re the one who needs to relook at the history books.


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