Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Want to feel better about yourself? There’s a simple solution – spend a ton of money treating yourself to a charity vacation in Romania: The team was assigned a family that we would primarily be doing our work for. Our family (not that I can remember the name of this family, they were Romania, it was a hard name) consisted of 3 children and the … Continue reading Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

The Poorest Country in Europe

Considering how I am not much of a fan of Harry Potter (I’ve only read one book from the series – and never seen a single film), it’s amazing just how often the author J.K. Rowling continues to intertwine with my own life. This summer, on a burning hot day when I was tired, scared and deeply lost inside of a country where I don’t … Continue reading The Poorest Country in Europe

Poverty – Saracie

Mercy… over all the years I’ve lived here I think the one consistant topic that I continually hear being discussed is poverty (saracie – sah-rah chee-eh). It’s something people who live here obsess over and it’s often one of the first thing visitors remark upon. Heck, I know I did the exact same thing. Many moons ago when I first came to Romania, my plane … Continue reading Poverty – Saracie