Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Want to feel better about yourself? There’s a simple solution – spend a ton of money treating yourself to a charity vacation in Romania: The team was assigned a family that we would primarily be doing our work for. Our family (not that I can remember the name of this family, they were Romania, it was a hard name) consisted of 3 children and the … Continue reading Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Hit Piece on the Little People

Occasionally, just like backing out a 1965 Chrysler Imperial from the garage and taking it for a spin, I got to pull out my old detective hat and follow the leads in a curious case. Normally I don’t “name drop” and talk about the people I know in this town but you’ve got to understand that I’ve been living here a while. The other day … Continue reading Hit Piece on the Little People

The Compleat Angler

Last week I had the great fortune to meet an American couple who found me through my book and were fans of my writing (you can read about some of our adventures here). As gratifying as their enthusiastic praise was, by far the most interesting thing about them was that they were Christian missionaries. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you … Continue reading The Compleat Angler