The 200 Lei Chisinau Challenge

Although the Republica of Moldova doesn’t draw too many tourists, there are still a non-trivial number of foreigners who manage to find their way to Chisinau for one reason or another. Therefore, if you’re reading this and you want to make some spending money while you’re in Chisinau, I hereby offer to pay you 200 Moldovan lei if you can complete just ONE of the … Continue reading The 200 Lei Chisinau Challenge

Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Want to feel better about yourself? There’s a simple solution – spend a ton of money treating yourself to a charity vacation in Romania: The team was assigned a family that we would primarily be doing our work for. Our family (not that I can remember the name of this family, they were Romania, it was a hard name) consisted of 3 children and the … Continue reading Didn’t Even Bother to Learn Their Names

Why We Come to Romania

Yesterday I was interviewed by a local TV station (NCN in Cluj – I’ll post the video when I have it) about me, my book and my life here. And they asked me the same question I always get asked, which is why choose Romania? I certainly understand that question. Romanians have been raised from birth that “other” countries are nice, wonderful, beautiful and worth … Continue reading Why We Come to Romania

Yates v. United States

As I’ve written about before, way back in April of last year (wow!) a Romanian soldier mistook me for a native Romanian, which was quite a revelation to me (since then it’s happened several more times, including Wednesday night at the English speakers meeting). That event sparked me to start writing this blog and then from there it led into me quitting my job and … Continue reading Yates v. United States