Nitu Nitu!

Good lord, the wire services sure are getting sloppy. From Reuters, usually a step above the AP drivel from Alison Mutler:

Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu Nitu, 44 quit last week after prosecutors alleged that Oprea, also an interior minister, ordered unauthorised police motorbike escorts for him and Nitu. Oprea is already subject to an inquiry. Both Nitu and Oprea have denied wrongdoing.
“The protocol signed by general prosecutor Nitu had been the basis on which, since April 2014, the Road Brigade … subordinated to the (interior) minister, on a permanent basis, had been accompanying his journeys across the municipality,” anti-graft prosecutors said in a statement.

This was written by a Romanian so no idea why he doubled Nitu’s last name but I had to include it as it was too hilarious. Essentially, what this article is trying to say is that Romania’s chief prosecutor (the post once held by Laura Codruta Kovesi) resigned after a scandal broke due to his use of police escorts every freaking day. His buddy Gabriel Oprea, a politician so sneaky and crafty that he’s almost a comic book villain, started the scandal after a police motorcyclist riding flank on one of Oprea’s processions through town somehow hit a pothole and died.

Missing from the story is the fact that Traian Basescu (of all people!) was on TV last week defending Nitu’s use of police escorts, saying that Nitu had not taken advantage of his position as chief prosecutor to live in a state-owned luxury villa in downtown Bucharest and was “only” requiring police escorts because he (Nitu) lived on the outskirts of town (in his own house) and thus needed the motorcade in order to “make it to work on time”. Swear to God I am not making that up.

I won’t get into it here but the Romanian press has been going bonkers speculating why Nitu would resign with just a few months left in his mandate. Conspiracy theories abound (one reason I love Romania), including that Kovesi somehow blackmailed him into resigning (he’s technically her boss), or that Nitu resigned to avoid some other scandal coming to light, or that Nitu was about to launch an investigation/make a case against someone powerful (the long list includes ex-President Basescu) but dark forces had to get rid of Nitu before he could act.

I have a different theory. “Nitu Nitu” is just a cowardly moron and Victor Ponta flunky who can’t handle being discussed in the press every day, so he resigned. He already stated he wasn’t interested in being re-appointed as chief prosecutor so my guess is he’s already got his next career step arranged and quit to avoid further scrutiny.

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