Nitu Nitu!

Good lord, the wire services sure are getting sloppy. From Reuters, usually a step above the AP drivel from Alison Mutler: Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu Nitu, 44 quit last week after prosecutors alleged that Oprea, also an interior minister, ordered unauthorised police motorbike escorts for him and Nitu. Oprea is already subject to an inquiry. Both Nitu and Oprea have denied wrongdoing. . “The protocol signed … Continue reading Nitu Nitu!

Obeying the Law Is Bad for Business

Despite the ongoing effort to beatify Laura Codruta Kovesi, not everyone in the business community happy. In this moronic Bloomberg piece, Ion Tiriac and others complain that prosecuting government officials for corruption is bad for business: Tiriac told journalists he had spent more than two years trying to line up the necessary government approvals, but a sweeping crackdown on corruption has made civil servants reluctant … Continue reading Obeying the Law Is Bad for Business