Moldova, Moldova, Sent Money Right Over!

Temperatures are warming up and the protesters aren’t going away:

Moldova’s opposition has prevented reelection of Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) Mihai Poalelungi whom it accuses of corruption. [The Protesters] chanted “Down With the Mafia!” and other anti-government slogans.

I seriously had to laugh reading that sentence. “Down with the Mafia” is now officially an anti-goverment slogan in Moldova. Priceless!

Meanwhile the American Embassy in Chisinau pinky swears that it has absolutely no desire whatsoever for their subservient bitch Romania to absorb Moldova via a political union and thus get NATO troops one step closer to Moscow. Like totally far off base, dude. Crazy talk!

The Wise Old Elves from the European Union were in town meeting with Pavel “Mr. Midnight” Filip’s government and warned that there won’t be another penny until RM signs an agreement with the IMF.

My translation:

“We received assurances from the new government that they are implementing necessary reforms. Urgent reforms are needed in the justice system, the fight against crime, and to assure the health of the financial and banking sector. And last but not least, RM needs to sign an agreement with the IMF. Only when the government does this can the EU continue to offer financing to the Republic of Moldova,” said the European commissioner [Johannes Hahn].

Well damn! Romania already said the same thing, that they won’t give RM a cent until it signs a deal with the IMF.

Will anyone help out The Poorest Country in Europe™?

From here. My translation:

Prime Minister Pavel Filip had an interview with the Representative Director of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Moldova, Iulia Otto. During the meeting, the two exchanged their opinions about the situation in RM and the region.

No new money from that direction either. Who’s left?

Oh right. Russia. Argle-bargle!

I seriously wonder whether Romania, the United States, the EU, and the idiotic Moldovan “pro-EU” bloc of corrupt oligarchs could intentionally do better than this to drive RM right into Russia’s arms. Hilarious because of the extreme irony.

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