WOTD: Hamal

A couple of years ago, back when I was still getting my bearings on Moldova, I kept being dumbstruck by how many employment offers were posted everywhere. Yes, a few were for lucru legal in Europa (legal work in Europe), but the vast majority were for local businesses. I couldn’t help but wonder – if Moldova was so poor, why were so many businesses desperate … Continue reading WOTD: Hamal

Nitu Nitu!

Good lord, the wire services sure are getting sloppy. From Reuters, usually a step above the AP drivel from Alison Mutler: Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu Nitu, 44 quit last week after prosecutors alleged that Oprea, also an interior minister, ordered unauthorised police motorbike escorts for him and Nitu. Oprea is already subject to an inquiry. Both Nitu and Oprea have denied wrongdoing. . “The protocol signed … Continue reading Nitu Nitu!

Dragotescu Questions Proposed Wage Slave Law

Just recently I was complaining to The Woman that there aren’t enough journalists in Romania doing a good job at actually, you know, being journalists, digging into secrets, asking tough questions and writing well-researched pieces. Looks like I definitely spoke too soon! Yesterday during an otherwise “boring” press conference, the journalist Corina Dragotescu got Traian Basescu on the ropes, peppering him with questions, causing him … Continue reading Dragotescu Questions Proposed Wage Slave Law