My Favorite Posts of 2014

Ukraine in the Membrane
Ukraine in the Membrane

Well it’s getting close to the official end of the year so I thought I’d take a look back through the articles that I wrote in 2014 and post some of the best ones here in a list.



I began the year with a long hard look into The Lonesome Death of Cicerone Ionitoiu, one of Romania’s greatest forgotten heroes.

I then followed up with The Black Hole of Romania, whereupon I proved that the Romanian news media is severely warped and is almost entirely inward looking, focused exclusively on domestic affairs.

On top of that, I revealed The Second Dirty Secret of Romanian Television.

And of course we can’t forget the Frozen Tears debacle, when a plane crash led to some embarrassing revelations about just how incompetent the Romanian government really is.


Something I saw on Czech television prompted me to write about An Unclean Spirit, describing why former Communists still control Romania on every level.

I discussed the shadowy world of Victoria Nuland in With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I made a video of just how corrupt and criminal Victor Ponta’s government is in Supradoza de Prostamol (in Romanian language only).

Did you know some crazy fascists tried to overthrow the government of Romania after WW2? I tell their bizarre but true story in The Secret History of the CIA in Romania.

I then topped off the month with an extremely long look into the background of Mugur Isarescu, the man behind the curtain in Romanian politics.


Many hours were spent unraveling A Tangled Web, wherein I discovered that Victor Ponta had met with his American handlers weeks before he became the prime minister.

I then decided to take a lighter look at the country, writing about Romania’s 12 Strangest Rulers.


It was fun to take a look at just how much the Republic of Moldova’s digital services for citizens have taken off. I had no idea at the time that I’d be moving to RM just a few months later!

And in Throw Transport down the well! you can read my very first poem ever, written in dedication to Victor Ponta.


I was a little busy with my legal case, so I decided to make a movie about my life. In Romanian language only.


In the beginning of the summer, I only managed to tell the story of the one who got away.


I describe how I got physically thrown out of Romania in I Wore the Crown, Not a Halo.


A lot of people asked me questions about my legal case and I did my best to answer them in Pana la ultimii 100 de metri.

I had some fun describing my first ever trip to Ukraine in The Ballad of Garri Potter.


The vast majority of Chisinau’s bread and pastries are being made by a single company. I describe my first encounter with them in Franzeluta, Franzeluta.

I do my best to sum up my experience of the Republic of Moldova with a single photograph.


This blog got a lot of attention after I wrote Hey Jamie Oliver, go fuck yourself.

I then followed it up with a more in-depth look into the issues in Losing our Religion.


It was destined to be a political month as I delved into the movers and shakers in my post entitled The Moldovan Parliamentary Elections Extravaganza.

I then followed it up with a piece that got me into hot water with many of my Romanian readers. In Hail to the Thief, I pulled no punches in describing the rotten state of the (then) upcoming presidential elections in Romania.


J.K. Rowling challenged me to describe what life is like here in the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe.

I then delved into the history of the 1918 Alba Iulia accords, celebrated every year as Romania’s national day. How many people were in attendance at that paragon-shifting event? I did my best to answer that question in The Curious Case of the 100 Thousand.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support! Much more to come next year!

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One thought on “My Favorite Posts of 2014

  1. La Multi Ani, Sam! Sanatate si multa fericire in noul an! Iti urmaresc toate postarile, pe multe le consider adevarate revelatii. Sper sa ajungi din nou in Romania. Avem nevoie de tine aici, sa aflam cum vezi tu lucrurile.


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