The one who got away

Since I am forbidden from talking about my own case, I thought I’d take a breather and tell you about another case, starring once again the crack units of the Cluj-Napoca police.

I assure you that everything you are about to read is entirely true.

Two officers in a Transportation Police blue Volkswagen with full markings, including an activated lightbar (the “disco lights”), pull over a shitbox van for speeding. The van has a license plate number from Spain and has four occupants. The cops don’t call in the plate number to dispatch.

The van stops and then the side door slides open and a guy dashes out and begins running away down the street.

One officer stays with the other occupants of the van while the second officer goes running after the fleeing suspect.

Unfortunately, the cop is slightly overweight and a smoker. It isn’t long before the cop is lagging far behind the guy who is running away.

Now what do you do?


Walk slowly back to the police car and tell your partner, “Well, gosh darn it, he got away.”

Partner then roughly shoves other occupants back in the van and starts yelling at them, asking where the guy (who ran away) was going.


Call in on any sort of radio to other police units and start cordoning off the area so they could catch the guy. Call in another officer to help the guy at the van keep the people there under vigilance. Post units on all the main roads and broadcast the description of the fugitive on all channels, all officers responding in a coordinated tactical encircling of the area until they caught the guy.


Because they don’t have radios.

If they want to talk to another police unit or even their dispatch, they just use their mobile phones. If they need back-up first they dial zero then seven then a series of other numbers and then press send, wait for the call to connect and then be able to exchange information.


They spent all the money on staplers instead.


No, seriously I really have no idea what Cluj cops think it is exactly that they’re doing out there on the streets.

There’s a clear lack of training throughout the entire police force. There aren’t two officers out there who do things the same way and none of them know an official way to do anything.

I can’t blame them for being unable to catch a guy who ran away because it’s obvious no one ever taught them how to do it. It’s a lack of formal training, pure and simple.

I think that’s why they’re all so surly and have bad reputations. They literally never get to have any fun because they’re cops. Usually they deal with a lot of grumpy and angry people and it’s all downside and almost no upside.

Better trained cops enjoy their job a lot because it is much more fun. It’s no fun being a criminal who is running for their life at top speed away from a police officer but it IS fun to be the cop who successfully catches the little bastard.

Just saying ;)

8 thoughts on “The one who got away

  1. … and there you have it dear Sam, in case you’re still wondering where the train that hit you came from… VTI seems to be in the know. Nu-i consult sa te dai rotund in tara unde mutu-i mai voinic si baietii cu ochi albastrii schimbara doar echipamentul din dotare nu si originea sanatoasa. Or fi ei moftangii, dar inca nu impusca caini aiurea in fata unor copii de 6 ani pentru ca si-au “aratat coltii” in curtea lor proprie sau tineri pe strada pentru ca s-au uitat crucis si-aveau ghinionul sa fie mai inchisi la culoare. Invata insa repede din colaborarea frateasca cu trupele NATO si zgaitul la TV, dar oricum mai e pana sa-i egaleze pe huliganii psihopati din masinile marcate cu “To Serve & Protect”.

    Shit happens everywhere, it’s a law of Nature, but in Romania it still has some undefinable “iz autohton” that you have seriously missed to guard against. And that’s why you cannot be more Romanian than we, the local inhabitants or cei de pretutindeni.


  2. My man :)….. You do understand that this article was your ticket back to where the fuck you come from, no? I mean, you know what I mean :) Bad shit Sammy, your mouth is always the worst weapon they have against you. Now let me tell you some shit you’ll love to hear, cause you like all this James Bond shit… You got SRI reading your blog like it would be the motherfucking kaballah and the milestone of mankind. That is because they always smelled something fishy about you. A lot said you’re a pedophile, some others said you are a criminal running from your homeland PD, well, some other crazy fucks think you’re a Company man, but a very few of them thought that you are a talented writer with no shit to hide. So SRI announces the Immigration every time you hit sensitive spots, you know why?…, cause you simply ain’t got a fucking clue after more than 10 years here, of what Romania is like. Saying shit like “I’m more Romanian than you”, “a tourist can take your girls from you in front of you and nobody will say shit”, “Romanians can’t fight” etc., won’t help you anyway near the word “integration”, but you should know better. Know let’s go through a little bit of tech explanations. Police here have the TETRA comm system, which are encrypted radios, (unlike your USA where every idiot with a scanner can listen to the freq and avoid the police hunt by doing that). The van you talk about is used by the cops from Grigorescu’s PD section number 5, which is not a very budgeted station (the van you talk about has about 1 million km and it hardly gets repaired when it breaks). Don’t make that a general matter, cause it’s not. The majority are well prepared and well equipped. Shit, they don’t even have to run after the crooks as they get them after due to a perfect evidence of the people. They don’t even have to holster 44s as crooks here can’t buy AKM’s using the Gym card or the last Super Bowl ticket (as in some other country I won’t mention now:) so the worst weapon you’ll find on a crook is again, his mouth :)) Get back to Georgia, find a decent job and forget that you ever were Romanian, because all the Romanian shit was in your head and only in your head.
    Have a nice day!


  3. It doesn’t surprise me, you should come visit Bucharest and see the Police smoking, drinking coffee and walking all day long while the entire city is extremely disorganized: cars are parked all over the place, the traffic is terrible, people are illegally selling whatever they can on the streets..
    Anyway I appreciate your website, I enjoyed the article about why is Romania so poor. I actually ask myself the same question a lot. Best regards.


  4. “Better trained cops enjoy their job a lot because it is much more fun. It’s no fun being a criminal who is running for their life at top speed away from a police officer but it IS fun to be the cop who successfully catches the little bastard”
    I don’t think the cops from link below think their job is so much fun. This sad event happened on the day you posted your entry.

    RIP fallen officers.


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